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Athlete of The Month

ZZZippy would like to appreciate some of thisareas amazing and inspirational athletes, on and off of the field. Basketball, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, football, soccer, volleyball, hockey, track, golf and many more sports will be features in the coming months. These athletes show quality individuals both as a sportsman and as a person in their own community. These athletes have shown their devotion to helping their communities in various ways, food drives, charitable work or even just doing the right thing.


Jason Stevenson

Malik McMorris, a senior three-sport athlete at Mater Dei (Calif.) High, has been tabbed to play in the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl in January. Check back here each month for more stories of student-athletes who display strength and character on and off the field. “I tell people, if you think life and football is hard, there’s weaker people who have gone through worse than you have. So, I have that mindset now to the point where if something’s hard, my mom went through worse, so why should I give up when she couldn’t? That’s how it pushes me every day in every aspect of life.”