Oh Mamma's On The Avenue, conveniently located on Mishawaka Avenue in South Bend, is one of Indiana's Best Cut-To-Taste Cheese and Charcuterie Ingredient Shops. No matter what you're looking for, Fresh Cheese Spreads, Pizza Doughs, Cut-To-Order Meats, Oh Mamma's has it all!
Always freshly prepared ingredients and an ever-friendly staff, this is the place to be for the Cheese Spread, Meat Trays and 
Charcuterie Boards of a lifetime!

With precision and attention to detail... No One Does It Like Oh Mamma's!


Oh Mamma's pays close attention to each and every one of their cheeses for the finest and richest qualities. And, although Oh Mamma's on the Avenue has new and changing ingredients often, you can always find your favorite cheese staples. From Baked Brie Cheeses, Fetas, Blues, Cheddars, Aged Gouda's and more, this Cheese is here to please!


A Charcuterie Board just isn't complete without the finest quality of meats! And, once again, Oh Mamma's on the Avenue has got you covered! Sausages, Pepperoni's, Salami's... anything you can think of, they've got it! If you are truly looking to "wow" your guests (or even just you and your family!), stop in to Oh Mamma's and check out their wide variety of incredibly delicious meats!


Everybody loves Bread, that has got to be a fact! 
Oh Mamma's supplies the Michiana area with deliciously fresh Breads on the 
daily. Take your pick between spreadable Breads, long Breads, Short Breads, Thick, Thin, Crunchy, Flavorful, whatever it is that you're feeling. Bread is a perfect filler on any Charcuterie Board or side dish for any meal, easily decoratable with fine cheeses and other such spreads. 


If you're looking to be fancy or even just take a crash course in whipping up a pizza from scratch, try one of Oh Mamma's Pizza Doughs. Always fresh and made in house, Oh Mamma's is famous for their delicious and mouthwatering, ready to bake Pizza Doughs!


Olives are a Charcuterie Board staple. Not only do they complete the aesthetic of your gorgeous board, but they are full of flavor and low in calories. No matter what kind of olives you are looking for, again, Oh Mamma's on the Avenue has got it for you!
Take a step further and try stuffing your Oh Mamma's olives with some of their fine and fresh cheeses to really up your game!



If you're looking to impress your guests at a fine dinner party, feed the guys for that yearly Super Bowl Party or you are just wanting to try something a little bit different for dinner with your family, a Charcuterie Board is the perfect answer for all. Because Charcuterie Boards offer variety and choices, no one will feel left out or forgotten. 

Located in the heart of Michiana, Oh Mamma's specializes in the area's best Cheeses and Meats. They are also artisans in Spreads and hand-crafted Sandwiches. Plus Oh Mamma's has a wonderful selection of Peppers, Olives, Crackers, Crisps, Condiments, Breads and much more.

Oh Mamma's, where there is absolutely something for everyone

Incorporate textures and new tastes into your life with an appetizing Charcuterie Board, handpicked by you and provided by Oh Mamma's on the Avenue!


"I LOVE to visit Oh Mamma’s no matter what time of year it is! Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday's, you name it! Oh Mamma's On The Avenue is our families go to!"
Tonya L - Granger, IN


"Not only does Oh Mamma's carry a wide variety of all things Charcuterie, but they carry a house full of passion and love for what they do!
Randy S - South Bend, IN


"My favorite stop in town! We love that it's local and, even more so, love that it's all delicious! 10/10, Oh Mamma's!"
Taylor K - Mishawaka, IN



1202 Mishawaka Avenue, South Bend, IN

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