• Froggy's Fog... the Undisputed Leader in Fog Effects

    Froggy's Fog... the Undisputed Leader in Fog Effects

  • Fog, Lighting and Special Effects for every Situation

    Fog, Lighting and Special Effects for every Situation

  • Froggy's Laser Swamp- Best Effects in the Haunt Industry

    Froggy's Laser Swamp- Best Effects in the Haunt Industry

  • Froggy's Has Every Effect You Need!

    Froggy's Has Every Effect You Need!

  • Special Effects To Enhance Your Guest's Experience

    Special Effects To Enhance Your Guest's Experience

  • We Make Your Theatrical Effects Rock

    We Make Your Theatrical Effects Rock

  • We Help Make Your Ideas Come To Life... or Death

    We Help Make Your Ideas Come To Life... or Death

  • Paintball, Laser Games, Haunts & Real Life Military Training

    Paintball, Laser Games, Haunts & Real Life Military Training

  • Trussing and Lighting for the Entertainment Industry

    Trussing and Lighting for the Entertainment Industry

Froggy's Fog
America's Entertainment Effects Leader

When it comes to special effects fluids, lighting, machines and scents, nobody is in the same game as Froggy's Fog. From Special Effects Fog, Smoke, Haze, Snow and Bubbles, Froggy's delivers the juice! Plus Froggy's Fog also carries a complete line of Fog Machines, Haze Machines, Artificial Snow Machines, Bubble Machines, Fog Chillers, Foam Machines, CO2 and Cryo Jets and Guns... even Fobbles (Fog Bubbles exclusively by Froggy's Fog).

In addition, Froggy's provides special effect scents and scent distribution equipment to the entertainment industry including: Haunted Houses, Theatrical Performances, Concerts and other Entertainment Venues. However, Froggy's does more than provide these products, they live them. The management team at Froggy's Fog has dedicated years of their lives to understand special effects fluids and machines (as well as the other products that they handle). They invested a vast amount of time understanding their customers and their customers' industries. They have also researched and developed the safest and most efficient fluids available today. If you are in the entertainment industry that needs these products... you need Froggy's Fog!


Froggy's Fog is the industry leader in special effects fog for haunted attractions

Froggy's Special Effects Fluids


Everyone in the Haunt Industry knows that you can't have an effective Haunted House without great fog... and Froggy's Fog is certainly the best there is. It is safe, efficient and affordable and comes in a variety of performance features, from fast dissipating to low lying and everything in between. When you think of fog, you think of Froggy's, it's just that simple!



Then of course there is Froggy's Haze line. A variety of effective and convincing effect fluids that remains clean, dry and odorless and is capable of extremely high output. This is ideal for Mobile DJ's Night Clubs, Laser Tag venues, Concert Arenas and any Lighting Enhancement needs. Plus, these are all American made.
Froggy's Fog has "A Fluid for Every Effect!" They offer both water based haze and oil based hazes that are compatible with virtually every type of haze machine. Rest assured that every fluids Froggy carries has been designed with the longevity of your fog and haze machine in mind.


Specially formulated for the full range of snow machines available. Froggy's Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting. Snow will be economical by virtue of being thicker, whiter and longer lasting. Their Snow Juice manufactures flakes which are superior to others; Dry and fluffy with a No-slip formula. In addition, these juices produce flakes that are not harmful to plants, skin or eyes and are safe for kids. Froggy's Fog formulas ensure that the water content evaporates leaving a beautiful falling flake that is dry when you touch it and disappears after contact. Perfect for use where dry snowflakes are necessary without residue or mess.

This video highlights Froggy Fog's - Froggy Flakes (Fake Snow & Snow Machines)


Froggy's Bubble fluids produce pure fun! They carry a complete line of Bubble juice that deliver high flying bubbles that are safe, non-staining and non-toxic. Froggy's even offers blacklight UV Tekno Bubbles and their popular Fobbles, bubbles that are filled with white fog and poof when they're popped!

This Froggy's video features "Fobbles", Froggy's Fun, Fog Filled Bubbles


In addition to the incredible and convincing juices that Froggy's carries is their Scent Line. A myriad of various scents that are so believable that your guests could never tell the difference. Pumpkin Spice, Waffle Cone and Popcorn get your guest's mouths watering. Haunted House, Swampy Marsh, Rainforest and Gothic scents keep visitors of your venue on edge. Slaughter House, Stinky Cheese and Rotting Decay make their stomachs turn a bit. If that's not enough give them a blast of Froggy's Fart/Poop scent. That will certainly get some attention.

This Froggy's Fog Video explains how to use Froggy's Scents.

One of the Coolest Effects in the Haunted House Business



Froggy's Special Effect Machines & Effects Lighting

As you can see by now, Froggy's Fog carries a heck of a lot more than just special effect fluids. They also carry an arsenal of special effects machines such as Fog Machines, Smoke Machines, Bubble Machines, Snow Machines, Chillers, Foam Machines and much more. Plus they carry an exceptional line of Special Effects Lighting including: Strobes, Light Cannons, Rogues, Beams, Washes and other cool lighting effects. And if you need trussing or even video walls... they offer that, as well. When it comes to Special Effects, Froggy's Fog has everything you need!


If you're in need of any type of Special Effects Machine to deliver fog, haze, bubbles, smoke, snow or other special f/x fluids, there is only really one place to go. Froggy's Fog. Check out their line of Foggers and Hazers here:

If you are in the market for Special Effects Fluids and Equipment call Froggy's Fog... they have a Fluid For Every Effect!

302 Rutherford Lane, Columbia, TN 38401

Phone: 615-469-4906
Fax : 615-346-9430
e-mail: sales@froggysfog.com

Froggy's Fog Owners Adam Pogue and Chris Markgraf

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