Borntrager RoofingWhen It Comes to Commercial Roofers... Come to Borntrager!

For over 40 years Borntrager Roofing has had a reputation for providing quality roofing services at competitive prices. We're also known for standing behind our roofing projects and the materials we use. In addition, Borntrager is also known for providing customers with exemplary customer service.

During our business tenure, we have provided commercial roofs to hundreds of customers in Indiana, Michigan and throughout the Midwest. We have also provided industrial roofing services as well as roofs for colleges and universities, hospitals and health care facilities, large retail roofs and other roofing projects that demand commercial or industrial roofing expertise.


Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations whether it be the installation of high-quality single-ply roofing, architectural, standing seam metal roofing or custom fabricated sheet metal for commercial and industrial roofing. If you’re in need of commercial roof repair you can also count on Borntrager. The key, whether new roofing installation or roofing repair is customer satisfaction. Borntrager has a simple yet effective policy- get it done right and get it done quickly. When it comes to commercial roofing, Borntrager delivers. It’s combination of attention to detail, customer service and competitive pricing has earned Borntrager Roofing a reputation as one of the best roofers in Indiana. In fact, many even consider Borntrager one of the best roofing contractors in the Midwest. If you have a commercial or industrial roofing project… please give us a call and let us prove to you what our customers already know.


"At the end of the day, it all comes down to integrity.
Integrity as a business
and as a person.
My integrity is one of the 
things I value most in my life. I honestly believe that's one reason that Borntrager Roofing has been so successful for so many years!
Do the right thing and good things will happen. For us it has."

For over 40 years I have worked hard to grow my business. I have built an exceptional team, developed strong bonds with my vendors and have outstanding relationships with my customers. I expect the same amount of respect and loyalty from each of my employees and vendors as I give. That keeps us all in check and ensures that we are all responsible to each other.

Our competitive spirit combined with our mission of treating others right has made us a very strong competitor when it comes to competing in the commercial and industrial roofing markets. If we want to continue our reputation as one of the top commercial roofers in the state we have to continue our quest to be the best.

It's my name on the company sign. It's ultimately my reputation. Therefore it is vital to me that we always treat people right by being fair... even if it hurts a little. And when it comes to roofing projects we have a simple philosophy, if we are going to do something, we are going to make sure to do it right. Deliver beyond your customer's expectations. Give them more than they bargained for. The only surprises that we give our customers are the ones that make them smile.

My name is Lee Borntarger. You have my name on it!

Lee Borntrager
Borntrager Inc.

There truly is a difference when it comes to commercial roofers. The truth is all businesses are different and many times those differences can affect the overall experience in a substantial way. Many roofing companies slap on a roof but don't necessarily have years of knowledge or understanding of how to do it right. Others don't have the right team and without the right people, a commercial or industrial roofing project can go upside down quickly. Another concern regarding commercial roofers is their warranties. Will they back up their products and their work a few years after it's completed?

At Borntrager Inc, we have several competitive advantages that have built our reputation as one of the best commercial roofers in the state. We have a team that is unmatched. Our key people have been with Borntrager for decades. They have operated under the mission of "always giving the customer the highest quality products backed by the best service in the industry". In addition, we have over four decades of history – a history of installing and repairing roofing properly... one project at a time, each and every time. We also have close, long-term ties with the best commercial roofing material suppliers in the industry. Having the right materials and exceptional bonds with our vendors help us help our customers. Next, our warranties are as good as they get. We stand behind our work. We stand behind our products. That's one test of an excellent roofing company. We also have a proven track record for delivering on time and within budget. But what really makes Borntrager better is our philosophy. Do the right thing and it will come back. Doing the right things have helped us grow our business, feel proud about who we are, and what we do and be successful for many, many years.

Yes, at Bortrager we are different, much different. We are proud of that because it's that difference that makes us so much better.


Borntrager is the Perfect Size
Borntrager Roofing is not the largest roofer in the industry and we are certainly not the smallest. We like to think of ourselves as "Right-Sized". Part of our competitive advantage comes from the fact that we are small enough to still care about our customers, maintain close relationships with them and respond to their needs. Yet we are large enough to utilize our purchasing power to pass on fair pricing to our customers. Our size makes us much more efficient and effective than other commercial roofers.


Borntrager Is All About Value

At Borntrager Roofing we understand the value. To us delivering great value means providing our customers with the best products in the industry, the best service and repair in the market and warranties that are superior to any other similar projects... and to do all of that for a very competitive price.

For us, 100% customer satisfaction starts with value. That's why value is at the forefront of everything that we do.

Borntrager Has History!
When it comes to an investment as large as commercial or industrial roofing, buyers need to consider history and experience. After more than 40 years in the commercial roofing and industrial roofing business, we have seen it all. Our vast history has helped us assist our customers in countless ways and paid dividends for them again and again. When it comes to roofing, Borntrager has a great history and decades of the right experience to help you!

Borntrager has the Best Team

In business, people are everything. Having the right team, a team with years of experience, a team with the right attitude, a team that works together to make things happen… that is what makes a great business. When it comes to teams in the commercial roofing business, Borntrager tops the charts. Our customers, our vendors and our peers say that Borntrager has the very best team in the entire commercial roofing industry… and we couldn’t agree more.


Awards & MEDIA
Recognized for excellence in customer satisfaction, quality installations, sales achievements, community involvement, and business integrity, Borntrager Roofing has garnered accolades and honors for almost as many years as they have been in business. We appreciate being recognized for our achievements and or accomplishments, and we are thankful to the many organizations and media for taking notice.

Awards for Excellence

At Borntrager we have had the great honor of winning countless industry awards over the years. In fact, we have been recognized for our work, our service and our commitment to excellence almost since the first year we started in the business. We have been fortunate to have many of the industry’s top accolades bestowed upon us. And while we certainly appreciate and respect those awards and kudos, our greatest rewards are those given to us in the form of customer satisfaction.

Media & Recognition

Not only has Borntrager won many industry awards, but we have also been recognized by the media and leading organizations for our outstanding work, our community involvement and our commitment to excellence. Below are just a few examples of the recognition we have been fortunate enough to be honored with:

Corporate 500: Top Businesses in Michiana
Better Business Bureau
ZZZippy: Award of Excellence
John R Burt Award

and several others

Serving our customers and making our community better is a foundation that we continue to build upon.


When it comes to people, Borntrager Roofing's staff is unbeatable. A winning combination of positive attitudes, decades of experience, diversity and individual talent. It's our staff, more than any other single element, that sets us apart from our competitors. As a team, our folks pull together to tackle the toughest projects, meet the most difficult deadlines, find solutions to our customer's challenges and meet our customer's expectations. We are proud of our team and dare to put them against any other team in the industry... and we have the history and record to back it up!

Lee is our founder and acting CEO. He started the company with humble beginnings over 40 years ago. With decades of experience under his belt, Lee has led Borntrager to become one of the largest and best commercial roofing companies in the Midwest. Operating from the vantage point of honesty and fairness, Lee has been able to grow the company in a positive direction and sustain an impeccable reputation as a leading commercial roofing firm.

As Lee Borntrager's son, Ryan has taken lessons about the roofing industry for decades. Following his father's philosophy, Ryan operates the business with honesty and integrity, always treating both customers and suppliers fairly and with respect. Ryan has brought a wealth of talent to the Borntrager organization with his abundance of knowledge about the industry and of course the Borntrager business. He is also a personable guy who is easy to work with and is an exceptional communicator.

Cindy is what most folks would call the 'perfect office manager'. With many years of experience in the commercial roofing industry, Cindy excels at making the corporate office run like a fine Swiss watch. While her bookkeeping and office skills are certainly a huge benefit to the Borntrager organization, it's her in-depth knowledge of the company and the industry that really helps in keeping the administrative side of the organization running smoothly and effectively.

DERICK YEOMANField Operations
Derick is respected as a leader and a worker in the Borntrager organization. His communication skills are superior and he knows how to make things happen. Derick has been with Borntrager for over a decade and understands the ins and outs of getting commercial roofing projects done quickly and efficiently. His management skills are recognized not only by his team but by others in the industry. Derick is a "get it done and get it done right" type of guy.



Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say about their experience with Borntrager. If you would like more references or case studies just give us a call and we'll happily provide you with what you need.

Clay Shetler CEP - Goshen College
Since coming to Goshen College in 1989 I have had the pleasure of working with Borntrager Roofing and Duro-Last Roofing Systems. In those 26 years, we have covered all or some portion of every major campus building with Duro-Last roofing. In most cases replacing all of the older built-up roofing systems and more recently a steel roofing system on a portion of our Recreation Fitness building. Lee Borntrager has worked with Goshen College on a wide variety of roofing conditions to help us continue to solve roofing difficulties that had been ongoing for many years. We believe the association we have had with Borntrager Roofing over the years has been all that you should expect from a roofing contractor. That includes designing roofing solutions where other systems have not worked, competitive pricing, continuing to service any of their roofing glitches when they appear, and honoring their warranties related to labor or materials. The fact that Borntrager Roofing is a local company, has given us greater confidence that their trained staff will be quickly on campus to help us find any problems when they appear. I would recommend other institutions and businesses to seriously consider working with Borntrager Roofing to resolve their building needs.

Goshen College

Robert Singleton - Studio A Advertising
I have worked with Borntrager Roofing for about 30 years. I started working with their founder, Lee Borntrager back in 1988. I quickly learned that when he made a commitment he was going to deliver. I'll be the first to say that each and every time Borntrager did a project for our group of companies, from the first time to the most recent project, not only was it done right but it was also done quickly and within budget. Over the years the Borntrager family has become like an extension of our family. Whenever I see a Borntrager employee I'm treated like I'm part of their family and a valuable member of their bigger picture. If you are interested in high quality, competitive pricing, great service and integrity you really need to talk to Lee Borntrager first.

Doug Edwards - Legend Park
With an operation our size it is imperative to hire quality companies that are in and out with little to no disturbance to our everyday activities. This is exactly what Borntrager Roofing brings to the table. I know that when they are on the property, I don't have to worry about a thing because when Borntrager's employees are working they make it a priority not to impede upon other projects.


For further information on Borntrager, Inc:
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Borntrager Roofing, Winners Never Quit
or call 574.533. 0663

1715 East Monroe Street Goshen, IN 46528



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