MASTER STONE BY GONZALEZBEAUTIFUL STONE & BRICK MASONRYthe hottest trend for homes and commercial buildingsImproving the Beauty and Value of Your Home

A change in Interior and Exterior Facades have been sweeping the Residential and Commercial worlds and it's starting with the natural beauty of Brick and Stone. An interior or exterior facelift may just be the change that your home or office has been needing... and if you're constructing a new home or commercial building, your timing could not be better!

From home and office facades to fireplaces, patios and retaining walls, even interior accent walls and exterior brick or stone columns brick and stone is coming on strong, improving both the look and value of your home. And this Michiana-based Mason is making it happen!

from Master Stone by Gonzalez


Master Stone by Gonzalez, based out of Michiana, has been beautifying homes and commercial buildings by utilizing brick and stone facades to enhance the overall beauty of these structures. Roberto Gonzalez, owner of Master Stone, takes on projects with passion, perfection and precision. Though he is relatively young for a mason, he has been working with both stone and brick (as well as brick and stone veneers) since he was a boy. Brick and stone is what he does, or as he says, "using brick and stone to make a home or office more beautiful, that is my life."


Over several years, as Gonzales perfected his trade, he began to get a reputation for his quality work... but he also became in higher demand because of very competitive pricing. He shares his philosophy. "We have been working with stone for a long time, and we have become much faster over time, which of course makes us more efficient. That enables us to charge less than other masons, yet still remain profitable. We work hard but we enjoy what we do."

Gonzales believes that both his work and his customers' satisfaction determine his legacy and he says "Talk is not so important, the proof is in your final project." I'm pretty sure he's saying that the Proof is in the Pudding. 




“We brought on Master Stone to do an Exterior makeover and now the outside of our home gives off that same powerful impression that the inside delivers”



Most people today desire higher quality, more attractive surroundings. They want their homes (and their offices) to be more alluring and engaging, both interior and exterior. You can’t judge a book by its cover is an old saying that we've all heard, but, the fact is, most people do judge the book exactly that way. And when it comes to law offices, health care facilities, and other professional offices, first impressions can be the difference between success and failure. Don't kid yourself, your customers will judge you by your surroundings and a positive image can make for a successful impact.


When it comes to your home, it's all about your comfort, peace of mind and the feeling you get from your surroundings. When your home looks beautiful, you feel better and there is no doubt that stone and brick add class, elegance and beauty to your home. However, according to Gonzalez, there is more than just beauty that brick and stonework add to your home. "When we add a brick or stone facade, a fireplace, or even a patio to a home, it typically increases the value of the home. No doubt, stone and brick additions pay for themselves. Yet I tell homeowners, what's most important when you own a beautiful home is how it makes you feel."

Gonzalez stated that his company, Master Stone by Gonzalez constructs stone and brick facades (from quarter high to full ground-to-roof), columns, pillars, fireplaces as well as patios and walkways. They also do retaining walls and other brick and stone work.

Master Stone by Gonzalez
Enhancing Your Living Spaces

It is a no-brainer that when you add the Natural Beauty of Stone and Brick as a Facade to your Home or Business, the value of the property increases and sometimes even dramatically. Impressions are everything and with a Brick or Stone upgrade, you are sure to dazzle. The Master Stone by Gonzalez team shared some of what they believe are the areas (or spaces) to upgrade with brick and stone which will have the most significant impact on your home and the way you feel about it.


A fireplace is place of gathering between loved ones and updating this space transforms it into an even more inviting one. Not only does a Stone Fireplace or a Brick Fireplace add value to the feel of your precious time with family, it also adds great value to your home. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to resale value.

Accent Walls have been popular in homes and in offices for years. However, most people think of a pop of paint color when they consider an accent wall. If you are truly looking for brilliance, a beautiful and professional Stone Accent Wall or Brick Accent Wall just may be the answer. Stone and Brick Accent Walls add depth to a room and give it a more unique look than your average painted Accent Wall.


Master Stone by Gonzalez

Stone or Brick Pillars and Columns add a look to a home or office that is next to none. According to the professionals at Master Stone by Gonzalez, pillars and columns will stick out to any eye as an added piece of your personal Residential or Commercial treasure. Pillars and Columns are sometimes used as structural reinforcement in a building but can be masked as more of a decorative piece. Rather than a plain metal Pillar or a boring Concrete Column, consider a Stone or Brick Pillar or Column!



An Outdoor Living Center is perfect for any season and for any environment. Much like your living room, this is a wonderful place to enjoy your loved ones and make memories all the while, enjoying the nature around you. Stone and Brick Outdoor Living Centers add a certain quality to life that you cannot put a price on. According to Roberto Gonzalez from Master Stone by Gonzalez, Outdoor Living Areas are one of the fastest-growing, most popular types of addition being made today.


When it comes to Brick and Stone Facades, the options are limitless. No matter what you are dreaming up, Master Stone By Gonzalez can do it. Beautifying your home or office space is made simple when it comes to working with the right professionals, ensuring that your project will be concluded with excellence!

Interior and Exterior Stone and Brick Facades will improve the value of your space and, even more importantly, improve the quality of your life. The way a Stone or Brick Facade Facelift makes you feel will be extended as your days go on and provides you with a lifestyle that some may only dream of! 


“We put over $2 Million into our business and no one would know unless they opened the doors to our building.
After bringing on Gonzalez and his team at Master Stone to do our Exterior Masonry work, the outside now invites customers in, allowing us to grow our business right from the street!”

-Richard C, Business Owner, Elkhart

“We have always kept our yard up to a beautiful standard but over the years, the Exterior of our home became just mediocre. It certainly wasn’t the nicest home in our neighborhood.
After an Exterior facelift with Maser Stone, our neighbors continuously comment on home beautiful our home is.”

-Martha T, Homeowner, South Bend

Design with excellence, precision, passion and expertise, your old space can be rejuvenated into a World Class work of Art.


Increase the Beauty and Value of your Home or Business with Stone or Brick additions from Master Stone by Gonzalez!




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