The 21st century has gifted us with some of the most advanced technologies that humankind could have ever imagined including 3D printers, multi-use rockets, and even gene editing systems. Some applied sciences have saved lives, enhanced business growth, generated new ideas, and generally, have made every day living just that much simpler. Vehicle technology has been one of the most profound advancements that we have seen since its invention over 140 years ago. These extraordinary changes have taken us from a stationary world to a progressive one since the turn of the century and its advancements keep getting more and more surprising. The Jetsons would be proud of where we are today when it comes to cars, more exclusively… Tesla. Tesla is an American company founded in the early 2000s by a group of engineers who wanted to transform our energy world into a completely sustainable one. Today, their progress has been observed worldwide, and for good reason! These astounding automobile architects have designed the world's first electric cars, which have quickly become beneficial for more areas than just your weekly gasoline expenses. Here, we have gathered the Top Advantages of owning a Tesla.



Of course, as stated above, owning a Tesla gives you the freedom of completely eliminating the headache of fuel costs as it a chargeable vehicle. No more waiting in line at the gas station with this bad boy!



This is by far one of the most advanced features that Tesla has to offer. No longer will you have to worry about car theft or even damages made by a fleeing suspect. Anytime there is a “threat” to your car (or even someone just standing too close) that car will actually start recording, ensuring that you are always protected.



No longer will you have to stop to fill up on most road trips. The average Tesla will actually run for over 400 miles before having to recharge! That’s pretty electrifying! However, make note, if you have a long road trip, driving a Tesla can be a huge disadvantage from a time aspect. You could have to stop unlimited times, depending on how far and how fast you're traveling.



Probably one of Tesla’s most enticing advantages is its safety features! Tesla has safety ratings of 5/5, which by automotive industry standards is practically unheard of! What better selling point is there than keeping your loved ones out of harm's way? If safety is a concern for you, you may very well want to look at a Tesla.



This feature is something that people have dreamed of for years... and today it's here! While not 100% foolproof (as of yet) you can actually kick back in your Tesla and relax a bit. Your car will accelerate, brake, drive and even be aware of other vehicles, traffic lights, and speed limitations. Now that is a wonderful attribute and you can e assured as time goes on, this feature will just keep getting more advanced.



Anytime you buy a vehicle, you should be considering its return on investment. A huge factor here is certainly the brand. The pace at which your Tesla will depreciate is so slower than most other vehicles. Part of that of course is due to the high consumer demand for Tesla currently. In today's market, by the time you’re ready to upgrade to the next model, your current Tesla is most likely going to hold a large resell value. In some instances, it may be worth more than you paid for it. You could actually make money on this transaction! Not a bad deal.



Yes, they have an app for that! This may be another one of those advantages (like safety) that allows you to worry less. This convenient feature allows you to check on your car 24/7, no matter where you are! You can actually control certain aspects of the car from your app, including heating and air conditioning, whether your windows are up or down, software updates, and more! Even if someone else is driving the car you can check its location, speed, and even what music they are listening to! Technology baby!


Of course, just as with anything else, no matter how good something might be, there are always downsides.
Tesla may not have as many cons as they do pros, but, as you can see, they still have them.


If you are interested in a Tesla and don't yet realize it, you soon will, these babies are expensive! In fact, in some instances, we have heard of people holding off on purchasing a Tesla and instead investing in 2 new cars for the family... without spending any more money. Now obviously, this is where some of you will start chanting, you get what you pay for, and there is often truth to that. Today many of the Tesla lease payments are surpassing the $1,000 a-month mark. Some of them are well over that price. This is one of the obvious factors that some people who might otherwise have a Tesla, don't.



YES. We know. This was considered an advantage above. We still believe that it's an advantage, depending on who you are and what your driving characteristics are. If you are constantly on the go and making longer road trips, a Tesla (and most other electric vehicles may not be right for you. It can be a major headache having to first, find a charging station, second, possibly go out of your way to get to one and of course, take the time to charge. For some drivers, this is not a problem. For other drivers, this could be the show-stopper.



This may not be the #1 reason that consumers decided against a Tesla. Due to the fact that Tesla is such a unique product, there are very few places that can (or are authorized to repair Teslas). In addition, the tough Tesla rules and regulations on repair shops and Tesla owners, make this a huge disadvantage. Imagine owning a brand, spanking, new Tesla, someone pulls out in front of you, and bam, your new car is now a wrecked car. This is typically not an issue with other vehicles. You take it to a reputable auto body repair shop and you're back on the road in, for the most part, a new vehicle in no time. Not so with Tesla. The fact is, repairs will far exceed what you would pay to have another vehicle to be repaired, and worse, you will also likely spend months (and months and months) waiting for your car to be repaired. In the meanwhile, you'll keep making the payments as if you were driving it around the neighborhood with the music blasting. This is also true of service for your Tesla.




Good luck if you think you’re going to tow anything with your car. It is nearly impossible to haul anything with your Tesla, mostly due to its energy-based power, leaving you to find other options in certain situations. However, if you do find a way to make this happen, expect your range to decrease by nearly half!

You can tow a Tesla, but you must use a flatbed truck or comparable transport vehicle so the wheels are off the ground. 
To tow your Tesla, be sure you abide by the instruction Tesla provided in your owner’s manual, or it will void your warranty and could cost you a lot of dough!

In closing, we believe that Tesla is a breakthrough in technology in many, many ways. There is no doubt that Tesla has many outstanding advantages for those who choose to drive them. Obviously, Teslas have some disadvantages too, We believe that as time goes on, the Tesla organization will no doubt find answers to some of their challenges and their vehicles could dominate the road. We expect they will just keep getting better and better!